I. Introduction

This spring much of our time will be spent on individual research projects in American History. You will choose your own topic -- except for sports, music, or certain other topics -- and complete the research in stages throughout the winter and spring. This paper will count for a significant portion of your grade for the third trimester.

These are the general paper requirements:

   -10 pages long, exclusive of bibliography

   -typed, double-space, and in 12-point Times font, written in the past tense

   -a bibliography in the Chicago Manual style, primary and secondary sources separated and alphabetized
   -citations in 12-point font, single space, as per Chicago style; block quotes for any quote that runs for two            
                                 sentences or more than five lines: indented, single-space

   -you MUST keep a copy of your paper, updated weekly, on the school's server

 Your research must be based on primary sources:

    -you may choose from the thousands of online sources on the websites listed in this packet – no other primary sources may be used without permission – see your teacher for help

   -the number of sources needed will vary from one, in the case of a book-length source, to dozens, in the case of newspaper articles: you need enough to create a 10-page paper

   –at least two secondary sources; these should be academic sources, either books or articles, written for a scholarly audience, and published within the last thirty years

   -no websites may be used for secondary research, except J-Stor, nor may you use children's books or encyclopedia articles.