Prize Papers

Each year one paper (occasionally two) from among those written by all the members of the junior class is chosen to receive the history paper prize.
The complete texts of the prize papers listed below may be accessed by clicking on the year.

NOTE: The files have not been edited by the website authors.  Prize papers are chosen for their originality and for the effectiveness with which the authors have selected and analyzed the primary sources to defend their theses.

"The Panthers, Police, and Press: Printed in Black and White"

"The Chinese Question: Different Viewpoints based on Economics"
A study of responses to the Chinese Exclusion Act in the Eastern and Western U.S.

"'Love is Blind': Miscegenation as portrayed in The New York Times from 1955 to 1975"
"'Sex, Drugs, and Books': Controversial Literature versus the Obscenity Statutes"
"What changes occurred in the general view of the atomic bomb from 1945-1965 and why did these changes occur?"

Spring 2007 - Alison Turka

"Media Portrayal of Women's Suffrage"

Spring 2006 - Julia Feinberg

"The Liberation Movement of the Disabled Community in the Nineteen-Seventies "